Gift Registry

Registry Help

The registry, or wish list, allows a person to create a wish list and have guests buy items in the wish list.

Registrant (user) - person who creates the registry. Can login to registry and manage it. A user can purchase something in the registry.

Guest - a person who buys something in the registry. No login is necessary.

How it works

A registrant creates a registry and adds items to it. A guest goes to the registry (does not have to login) and buys something in the registry for the registrant. The quantity in the Rec'd column is updated after the item is paid for.

Once the quantity of an item is bought, it is marked as fulfilled. For example, if a registrant wanted 2 toasters and two guests each bought a toaster via the registry, the toaster item would be marked as fulfilled.


Once the registrant is logged in, the registry can be:

  • added to
  • deleted from
  • increase or decrease of wanted quantity
  • deleted

The registrant can modify or delete the registry. Also, a link to the registry is available for sending to guests via email.


A guest clicks on 'Gift Registry' link or clicks on the link sent by the registrant via email or on a website, finds the registry via the registry's name, clicks on the wanted registry, then chooses an item to order. Once the item is paid for, the registry received (Rec'd) column is updated with the quantity ordered.


1. Fill in the state during registry creation. The state shows up when someone searches for a registry.

2. If a private registry is created, email the link to possible guests as this is the only way to access it.

3. You can put a link to the registry on a website.

4. A guest can only buy something for the registrant via the registry.

General functions

Either the registrant or guest can perform these.

Registrant functions

Create a registry

User creates registry along with login and password.

Registered To: - The person who owns the registry. This name will show up in searching for registries on the search for a registry page.

Email Address: - owner's email address. This is used in case the login password is forgotten. The password will be sent to this email address.

Event Date: - date of event, if necessary. If not an event put a far future date in

Shipping information is only necessary if (some) items will be shipped directly to the registrant. If the registry is public, anyone can see this information. If the registry is private, only guests who have the link to the registry will be able to see it.

Ship To: - name of person to ship item to

Street Address:


State/Region: This is displayed in registry search results

Zip Code:


Login information, for logging into the registry

User Name:

Password: - letters and digits, up to 14. The password is stored encrypted.

The registry can be a public or private one.

Public - registry can be found in registry searches on the 'search for registry' page. Anyone can search

Private - registry will not show up in registry searches. The only way to access the registry is to know the link to it. The link can be seen by the registrant and emailed to anyone the registrant wants to have the link, such as attendees to a party.

Manage a registry

Each user has his own registry. The registry is listed under what is entered in the "Registered To:" field.

User logs in and adds items to registry. Go through catalog and when an item is found, press 'Add to Registry' button. This adds the item, amount, options to the user's registry.

Public or Private registry

A public registry will show up when searching for a registry. A private registry is only accessible via the link shown under 'View link'. The registry nor any information associated with it (such as shipping info) will show up in registry searches if the registry is private.

Public registry

A public registry will show shipping information, if entered, to anyone who clicks on the registry.

Private registry

After a registrant creates or logs in to the gift registry, they can click 'View Link' at the bottom of the first page. That gives them a link that they can give to family and friends to allow them to view the registry. The link appears whether it is a private or public registry. So if you wanted to buy something for someone who has a private registry, the registrant needs to give you that link, which you can then use to purchase items for the registrant. You would not be able to find that person directly using the keyword search on the registry page.

For guests (i.e. not logged in), the shipping addess will be displayed on the registry page along with the event date, registrant's name, and a list of items in the registry.

Delete a registry

When a registry is deleted, all the items associated with the registry are deleted, too.

Forgotton Password

If the registrant forgets the login password, the email address on record (i.e. the one entered in when the registry was created) is typed in and the password emailed. The 'forgot your password?' link is on the login page.

Contact Info

This link only shows up when the registrant is logged in. Clicking on it allows the registrant to change any information about the registry.

View Link

A link to the registry is displayed. It can be copied and sent to guests via email or put on a website.

Log Out

The user is logged out of the registry when this link is clicked.

Guest functions

To buy something in the registry

To buy something for the registry, click on gift registry link (gift box icon)  and find the person in question's registry using the provided search. Once found, click on the registrant's name.

The registrant may have sent an email with the registry link in it. Click on the supplied link.

Once inside the registry, all the items in the registry will show up. Just order one or more item. Once paid for, the Rec'd column will increase by the quantity purchased. Once the Rec'd column matches the Wants column, the order button disappears and 'Fulfilled' shows up.

Search for a registry

On the "Search the Registry" page, a person can search for a registry by entering at least two letters of the name of the registry. Selecting the date is optional.