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Butterfly Teabag Holder by Romero Britto 2883303073

Butterfly Teabag Holder by Romero Britto 2883303073
If you're like me you just never know where to put that teabag that has a little life left in it. Stop leaving tea spots on your counter or table top with these cute teabag holders from Romero Britto. Measures 3.5x2.6

Add a splash of color to your home or office with artwork by Pop artist Romero Britto. These pieces will bring life to any room with there unique designs and bright colors. His work shows his optimistic faith in the worldaround him. Britto's unique style and faith in his art have made him one of the most famous Pop artists today. His work is displayed throughout the world from the United States to London and Dubai. Britto says, "For me, art can reflect the celebration of the simple and good things in life. This is the most important to me!"

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